Xaviera Hollander is"back in business". Not in her old profession but in Hollands lecturing circuit. Here she shows that she has a fine sense of humor as well as knowledge of matters of the body and soul. more >>

Xaviera HollanderXaviera Hollander

The most famous madame of ‘the world’s oldest profession,’ author, Penthouse columnist, legend, performer, raconteur and theatrical entrepreneur. Read more >>

Villa Caprice Marbella

Villa Caprice Marbella

Charming Spanish villa, with a distinct Andalusian design, located in the hills of Marbella in a highly desirable area of the Costa del Sol. Read more >>

Xaviera Lectures - lezingen Xaviera's New Lecturing Tours

Xaviera has a fast mind and patient ear to listen to peoples problems, specially since she wrote a world famous monthly sex advice column for Penthouse for the last 35 years. Xaviera herself, happily married since 7 years, has all the more reason to be "happy". With her energetic speeches and conferences (Dutch & English) full of humor and wisdom she knows how to share happiness and humor with her public in a naughty way but never vulgar. Sex without humor does not exist for her. Read more >>

Xaviera's Amsterdam Bed and Breakfast

Xaviera invites you to her "HAPPY HOUSE" in Amsterdam an incredible and bohemian style "Bed & Breakfast" villa for a relaxed atmosphere