Bedroom Farce

Xaviera Hollander presents:


by Alan Ayckbourn the Queens English Theatre Company

Bedroom Farce is set in the three bedrooms of three very different couples. The first couple, married for more than 30 years sets out for a romantic anniversary dinner but ends up eating sardines on toast in bed. The second is planning a housewarming – if they can keep their hands off each other. The third couple, though secure in their relationship, bicker with each other because one of them has a bad back and doesn’t want his partner to meet up at the party with an ex boyfriend.

However, a fourth couple arrives at the party in a state of some confusion over their own relationship. An ex offers one of them advice but soon is offering rather more - putting a premature end to the festivities. Hysterical situations ensue as the friends try to mend their differences and the distraught couple seek solace in one or other of the three bedrooms. This brand new interpretation by the Queens English Theatre Company puts a sexy and contemporary veneer on the hilarious script, skilfully crafted by the English master of comedy - Alan Ayckbourn.


His plays have kept audiences laughing in the West End for more than 3 decades. Add QETC’s slick direction, lightning pace and outrageous style to the menu and you are guaranteed your own night out to remember! QETC’s January show Habeas Corpus played to packed houses and had audiences on their feet begging for more – don’t miss this one, book now! Here are just a few of the audiences’ comments.

The critics about Bedroom Farce

“I couldn’t stop laughing!”

“Totally Awesome!”

“I don’t remember when I have enjoyed an evening so much.”

“I thought it was brilliant, just brilliant.”

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